Feature Ideas

  1. Week view

    The Today view is great, but Week view would be helpful to navigate through the week and not get lost in the detail of one task.

    Raphael H
    #Lists πŸ“


  2. Save lists as templates

    Custom templates with pre-built or enabled macros can simplify calculating income and expenses. A prime example of this is the ClickUP Personal Budget template. https://clickup.com/templates/personal-budget-t-180546810 But imagine if Superlist had a dedicated templates page where the community could upload their custom templates. This would not only encourage creativity but also provide a variety of options for users. Moreover, if Superlist had an in-app feature to access these templates easily, it would make the user experience even more seamless and efficient.

    #Integrations πŸ”—#Collaboration 🀝


  3. Recognize emails, telephone numbers, and urls

    When these things are placed in the task, they should create the appropriate links.

    Eddy D


  4. Kanban view

    Use tags to organize lists into Kanban boards. This is useful to teams tracking project task status and task priority. Users should be able to click and drag tasks within a Kanban board that is introduced as a new and optional view or as an content type insert.

    #Lists πŸ“#Collaboration 🀝


  5. Calendar view for tasks

    I find it useful to see my tasks spread in a calendar, especially in weekly view, so I can make sure I have a healthy workload in my hands each day.

    #Lists πŸ“


  6. Mobile home screen widget

    Other applications like Todoist or Google Calendar have mobile home screen widgets where you can see your inbox/specified list/today view etc. This allows a nice level of system integration, and in this way, users could have Superlist information available to them from their homescreens without needing to boot the app all the time. An option to launch a quick capture dialog within the same above widget, or from another smaller widget, would be nice to enable quick task capture.

    Cillian M
    #Tasks βœ…#Mobile πŸ“±


  7. Natural language processing

    Enable users to add tasks using NLP for a faster and more efficient workflow. E.g.: typing β€œShopping with David on March 5th” automatically assigns March 5th as a due date.

    #Tasks βœ…


  8. Assign task priority

    Enable users to add priority levels to tasks; e.g., low, medium, high.

    Sven B
    #Tasks βœ…


  9. Add start and end dates to tasks

    Set optional start and end dates on tasks to make planning easier.

    #Tasks βœ…


  10. Include tasks in multiple lists

    Allow tasks to live in multiple related lists

    Kate D
    #Tasks βœ…#Lists πŸ“


  11. Tasks vs Checklist

    Differentiate between a task and a checklist. I don’t want my Books To Read appearing in the Tasks section - it confuses

    Martyn T
    #Tasks βœ…#Lists πŸ“#Design 🎨


  12. Duplicate tasks / lists

    Allow users to quickly duplicate tasks and lists to save time when creating new items based on existing ones.

    #Tasks βœ…#Lists πŸ“


  13. Search for list and task content

    Enable users to quickly search for content across lists and tasks.

    Hannah Remde
    #Tasks βœ…#Lists πŸ“


  14. Manage labels

    Allow users to manage labels (e.g., deleting, renaming) to give them functional use.

    Jaap H
    #Tasks βœ…#Lists πŸ“


  15. Superlist for Windows

    Enable Windows users to manage lists and tasks with a dedicated desktop app.

    Kate D