Feature Ideas

  1. Calendar view for tasks

    I find it useful to see my tasks spread in a calendar, especially in weekly view, so I can make sure I have a healthy workload in my hands each day.

    #Lists 📝


  2. Mobile home screen widget

    Other applications like Todoist or Google Calendar have mobile home screen widgets where you can see your inbox/specified list/today view etc. This allows a nice level of system integration, and in this way, users could have Superlist information available to them from their homescreens without needing to boot the app all the time. An option to launch a quick capture dialog within the same above widget, or from another smaller widget, would be nice to enable quick task capture.

    Cillian M
    #Tasks ✅#Mobile 📱


  3. Search for list and task content

    Enable users to quickly search for content across lists and tasks.

    Hannah Remde
    #Tasks ✅#Lists 📝


  4. Week view

    The Today view is great, but Week view would be helpful to navigate through the week and not get lost in the detail of one task.

    Raphael H
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  5. Assign task priority

    Enable users to add priority levels to tasks; e.g., low, medium, high.

    Sven B
    #Tasks ✅


  6. Timeblocking for tasks

    Seamless integration of the calendar to enter tasks directly at a specific time would greatly assist in planning the day. If you want to schedule a task, another window with the calendar could open on the right. In this window, you should also be able to directly schedule the required time by reducing or enlarging the task.

    #Tasks ✅#Integrations 🔗


  7. Add start and end dates to tasks

    Set optional start and end dates on tasks to make planning easier.

    #Tasks ✅


  8. Allow URL linking in tasks

    Allow tasks to be clickable from the superlist app when it is added as task. My use case is: Whenever I am scrolling through social media and I want to see the full context, or to have a listen with headphones I save the posts as a task. Then I come back to check on it later. Currently I have to cut and past the url manually which is not very convinient at all - especially on mobile. For me it is a deal braker since this is my main usage.

    Martin V
    #Tasks ✅


  9. Customize cover image in Tasks, Inbox, and Today views

    Allow users to customize the preset image on the top-level views.

    Nick B
    #Lists 📝


  10. Fix keyboard short-cut mapping if tabs are re-ordered

    Currently Superlist allows re-ordering the main tabs (today, tasks, updates, inbox) etc which is great. But when you command + 1/2/3/4 on a mac, those numbers correspond to the previous mapping and no longer make sense. So a solution is to allow users to set this in settings or keep command + 1 to whatever is first in order on the left-side panel

    Aaron D


  11. Trash bucket

    I accedentally deleted a list with al notes and tasks. Completely gone.... Stupid action but I guess I'm not the only who faced this. Can we get a trash bucket where deleted items are stored and we could restore them when needed?

    Pascal Z
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  12. Manage labels

    Allow users to manage labels (e.g., deleting, renaming) to give them functional use.

    Jaap H
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  13. Notion integration

    Connect Notion projects to Superlist tasks and track the latest updates in one place.

    Brian M
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  14. Smart lists

    Create lists that would basically just be a named saved filter in the sidebar. Setup features could include labels, statuses, dates, assignment, etc. Really filtration by any combination of properties to generate the contents of the list.

    Grant N
    #Lists 📝


  15. Swipe actions on tasks / list elements

    Feature request for mobile: Swipe actions on list elements Swipe actions - at least two: one swipe action should be to open a quick action menu for the selected task (where you can delete it, move it to inbox or parent task, change element settings, etc) the other swipe action should be freely customizable to the user's liking (possible actions: complete, delete, move to another list, change date, change assignee, change label, no action, ...) Swipe mechanics: swipe right swipe left (maybe) swipe far right (swipe action #3) (maybe) swipe far left (swipe action #4) Imho this swipe mechanic should replace the long press mechanic which currently opens a quick action menu. Todoist & TickTick (other apps probably too) also have this quick swipe mechanic, it's great! :)

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